Sustainable Book Design through the lens of WW2 regulations

This is the designed artefact that accompanies my BA dissertation on the topic of Paper recycling and production during WW2 and the future of sustainable print design. It is an attempt to present a more ecologically responsible way in which mass-scale production books, that hold no archival value for the typical reader, can be designed. The book design utilises all available space on each page by implementing small margins, smaller type, no line breaks, no chapters beginning on a new page, etc. It is printed on lighter recycled stock which, without impacting legibility, decreases the amount of paper used. The format is also considered so that it is both comfortable to the hand and eyes, and as many pages as possible fit on the bigger sheets used for Lithographic printing. All of this is inspired by wartime restriction guidelines imposed on publishers, reimagined in a nowadays context.

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